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Sweet release

I lifted the knife with both hands, I was trembling, "God!" I screamed to the sky. "God!, God", and there was nothing but deafening silence after my screams.
I could feel it moving moving around in my chest, It was twisting and turning, clawing at my skin, fighting to be released.
"God....I whispered desperately with tears steaming down my face, ""
And still nothing from the grey skies but silence,
But it's twisting and turning in my chest got more intense,
"I'm sorry" I said, and I  swiftly drove the knife through my chest. "Ah!" I moaned, as the knife went through my chest and it lept out... I fell to my knees and smiled as the pleasure of it leaving my chest completely numbed the physical pain..."G..o..d" I said choking on my own blood.."I'm free, from fear", i fell face down.
I died. "J?", A familiar voice said,
"Yes?" I replied, "I do...., I do...…

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